Words are important. Words are powerful. Words are endless. Words are the vessel for our emotions, the weapons of our fears, and the anchors to our hearts. I sit here in this room today typing words. I do this because Spirit tells me that I can make a difference by writing.

At first, I didn’t believe this to be true. Do you know what changed my mind? Seeing how influential words can be in this election, in news reports, online and in conversations with my family. Words create movement, can bubble up hate, inspire change, that explain a position or belief.

Of course, there is never a dull moment in the world we live. We can speak words, any words we wish, and it can reach millions of people. We tote our own good graces, scream our opinions from the mountaintops (of Facebook), post lots of random pictures, and decide to view the world from our own handmade looking glass.

It’s not about whether your a Trump supporter, Hillary supporter, Bernie supporter, etc. It’s not about what party you are registered for, or your position on some deep seeded hot button political topic. It is about using our “moral compass” to treat others with respect. It is about using words to have an opinion while still understanding that others can have theirs to. And it is about having compassion.

However, these days, our moral compass has been left in the dust along with our land line and our subscription to an actual newspaper. How is it that in the AGE OF COMMUNICATION, we have lost the ability to actually communicate effectively?! We instead chose to create our own lens, our own handmade looking glass to perceive the world the way we want or believe it to be and refuse to believe that WE can be better. We have chosen to pull the wool over our eyes when we see something we don’t agree with or use hate speech to desecrate someone else for believing differently!

Yes, we are free to believe what we want, say what we want, and make no apologies for it. But, in that freedom, we have lost the one of the most important pieces to communication. We have lost the very thing that makes us human…. and that is compassion ladies and gentlemen.

I am frustrated. I am angry. I don’t get it. It’s all just pointless, endless “right-fighting.”  We are not defined by our beliefs. We are not defined by our political affiliation! Our beliefs are defined by us and how understanding, loving, and compassionate we are. And that is what people will remember when you die. How we use our words to treat others is our legacy.

Spirit says, expect a miracle and a miracle will happen. Spirit says believe that things can change and they will. But it begins with one tiny small thing, one tiny change. And that my friends, is how you use your words.

So, if by this blog post you gain one thing today, I hope it is to use words to evoke compassion in others, use words to help make someone else feel better, use words to express love. Declare that your words will reap what you sow. Declare that your words of love will drown out the hate so much that it can no longer be heard.

~sending words of love from above

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