A Healthy Soul

Everyone is always talking about “getting healthy,” or “going on a diet.” The latest diet fads talk about which foods are good for your body and how your body should respond to those foods. People may see a psychologist looking for clarity in their life and still feel lost. But, no one ever talks about how to attain a healthy soul.

First, one may ask the question, what is a soul? I believe it is the energy essence of us, our personality, the unseen part of us that holds unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom.

The next thing you might wonder is, how can a soul be healthy or unhealthy? That is a more complicated question as we are all on our own paths with our own lessons to learn.

Our souls are all in constant development and growth. Though, one thing will always remain constant, and that is love. The intangible, indescribable feeling that we have all felt at one point in our lives. Love is the quintessential thing that connects all energy together. It’s the other emotions that tend to get in the way of this constant.

Those emotions could be anger, worry, fear, resentment, sadness, frustration, etc. But instead of viewing these emotions as bad, we must view them like the udders of a ship. Each emotion occurs causing the udder to steer in one direction or another depending on your path in this life.

I had a moment one time where I was reading an angel card and I got a message from my angels that said “we can’t know where we are headed unless we have felt where we have been.” It was a profound moment for me. No person’s life is”bad.” Even though we all have free will, we have the choice to learn from our emotions and grow into our best selves, or drown in our emotions so deeply that we can never come up for air. But if we choose to learn and grow, then all of the negative emotions can clear out of our souls leaving only one thing…unconditional love.

So in short, having a “healthy soul” is about living the experiences, learning from them, seeing the bigger picture that this is part of our path, and accepting that it is all in God’s hands. This is no easy task, however we have an entire spiritual team to help us. All we need to do is ask for help.

So I challenge you this week. If you come across a moment where you are feeling a very strong emotion, don’t be afrai to feel the crap out of it! Cry! Punch a pillow! Do whatever you need to do to get that emotion to the surface. Then think about how that situation will help you in a positive way. Ask for help, then release the feeling. After doing this often, you will begin to feel lighter, more peaceful, and healthy, healthy in the soul.


With love from above….

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